Jewish War Veterans
of the United States of America


Department of Michigan



Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV), chartered in 1896, is the oldest active Veterans Service Organization in the United States. Nationally, JWV is involved in a yearly "March on the Hill" to talk to our Legislators to make sure they know our organization's stand on funding, services, and benefits for all veterans.

JWV Department of Michigan was chartered in July, 1940, and currently consists of Posts 135 (Zussman), 474 (Bale), and 510 (Shapiro-Rose). Our Department helps Veterans through advocacy for better clinics, hospitals, Veterans homes, and Michigan Veteran-friendly legislation. We volunteer at Veterans facilities, support local Veteran activities, and help maintain Veteran plots in local Jewish cemeteries.

Perhaps our most important activity is educating the general community about contributions of Jews to the U.S. military services. We participate in parades and other events to continually remind people that Jews serve this country, and that some of us have also paid the ultimate price.

In Michigan, we are a Jewish Voice for Veterans, a Veteran's Voice for Jews.


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Recent Changes:
Oct 12 - Our Identify the Grave of a Jewish Veteran project began. Help us find, then "flag", the graves of Jewish Veterans.
Nov  8 - Added pictures from WWII Legacy Memorial Victory Gala dinner & Veterans Day parade to our 2021 slideshow.
Dec 15 - The most recent edition of JWV National publication The Jewish Veteran is available here.
Dec 17 - Converted the top of this Home Page to be a slideshow, highlighting our most interesting content.

Jewish War Veterans of the USA Department of Michigan is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization
following the rules of war veteran organizations as defined by IRC 170 (c)(3)